Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Gingerbread House

We made a gingerbread house. Kaden had a fun time putting all of the candy on the house. I was surprised at how carefully he put each peice of candy on. I thought for sure this was going to turn out to be a messy nightmare, but it actually was pretty fun. I would put a dot of frosting and Kaden would put on the candy. This entertained him until the house was about 75% finished, then Kaden decided it was more fun to eat the candy.

The finished product!

We went to McDonalds last week and guess who was there? Ronald McDonald! Nothing like meeting a celebrity!


Michelle said...

That turned out really cute. What a good mom! The candy would never make it to the house if it were my kids.

Heidi said...

Cute that he was so careful with the decorating! He is so sweet. We need to play again soon.