Monday, October 27, 2008

All Ready for Church

Kaden turned 3 months old today. He is getting so big. At his 2 month old appointment he weighed 15 lbs 2 oz, so he is definately not petite! He smiles so much now. All Rob or I have to do is talk to him and he shoots us an open mouthed grin from ear to ear. He has a play mat with toys above it that he loves to play with. He just kicks his legs 100 mph and smiles. He has discovered his fist the past week and has been sucking on it like crazy. We have been trying to give him a binkee whenever he starts sucking his hand to prevent a possible future thumb sucker. He has started to reach for things this past weekend. Before he would just look at toys, but now he reaches for them and grabs them. He also reaches up and trys to grab our faces and our arms which has made both Rob and I very aware of the need to trim his fingernails more oftern (ouch!). He is starting to use his voice more and lets out these cute little sighs and squeals. It seems like he is trying to talk to us so badly, but just can't find the words. We are starting to see how he responds to Rob and I differently. When he is with Rob he wants to play and squirm and kick his legs. When he is with me he is snuggly and likes to hug. The best new development Kaden has made is that he holds his head up strong all the time now. for the past month or two his head has been getting stronger, but every once in awhile it would fall forward or back, but now his head stays up strong. Yea for graduating from being a bobble head doll!!!!

Forty-Niner baby

Kaden's play mat

Rob and Kaden wresting.

Mom and Kaden's photo shoot in the living room.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Picture Tag

I was tagged by Avree. The rules are you have to post the fourth picture in your fourth file.

This is me and Rob at a halloween party last year. Rob is a 70's guy with a track suit and gold chains. I am his 70's wife who is a little "Peg Bundy" like.
I tag everyone who reads my blog. This tag is funny and I want to see all your random pics.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Autumn is here

We went on a drive through Spanish Fork Canyon to see the fall colors. We drive by Scofield Reservoir which was really pretty. We ate our picnic lunch at a campground packed with hunters. Everyone we talked to said they hadn't shot anything yet. Too bad for them. Kaden loves the car (he falls asleep anytime we go anywhere) so it was a really nice, relaxing drive.

Here are some new pics of Kaden. He loves to smile and laugh.