Sunday, March 15, 2009

The End of the House Hunt

We decided on a house! After many hours of searching at house on the internet and looking at houses in person, we found the perfect one. We decided to build in Lehi. I would show a picture, but obviously it is an empty lot filled with dirt right now. We are really excited. I don't know about other people, but I have a tendency to watch things on TV that have to do with my life at the moment. When I was pregnant, I would watch A Baby Story all the time and now that I am buying a house I have been watching HGTV a lot. Who would have though that a station that shows house centered programs 24 hrs/day would be so interesting? I have been inspired to design my house "on a dime" and have many ideas for lots of things I want to do. We'll see how crafty I am...or maybe we'll see how crafty I am not!
Also, the weather has been great and we have loved taking Kaden out. We tried the swing last fall, but he was still pretty tipsy. Now he's all grown up and loves the swing.

This pic may look a bit like crying, but his actually laughing.
We don't have to beg Kaden to smile fot the camera. As soon as I hold the camera up he shoots me a big, cheesy grin. I love it!