Sunday, August 22, 2010

Summer Fun

We have been having fun the past few weeks. Here is Kaden on a pony ride at Thanksgiving Point. $2 Tuesdays is the best!

Kaden loved seeing all the farm animals and playing in the little houses. It was the perfect activity for a 2 year old.

We headed up American Fork Canyon with my family for some hot dogs and smores. Kaden had a great time running through all the bushes and trees. Rob, Kaden, and I went up the next night to the same canyon but a different picnic area because Kaden had so much fun the night before. Just as we got our fire going the people at the picnic area next to us asked us why we were letting our toddler wander aroung with so many rattle snakes in the area. They said the park rangers had been removing rattle snakes from the picnic area all afternoon. There were signs everywhere, but for some reason we didn't notice them. We felt like huge idiots! We were too freaked out after that so we headed home.

We washed the cars. Kaden was a huge help!

We went to the Cache county fair. Kaden loved the animals and the merry-go-round.

We won some tickets to the Orem Owlz game and the Vest met us there. Kaden wasn't so interested in the baseball game, but love Hoots the owl mascot and the playground.

Last but not least, Rob and I celebrated our 7th wedding aniversary. We made a pack to stay together at least 20 here's to 13 more. Ha Ha Ha, just kidding! Happy Aniversary Rob, Love ya!