Saturday, December 27, 2008

Merry Christmas

We had a great Christmas. We spent the weekend before Christmas with Rob's Parents and Christmas eve and day with my family. Kaden was cute and even opened presents pretty good. He was passed around from person to person all day and by nightime he was ready for Christmas to be over! Rob nd I enjoyed our time off work and had a nice, relaxing day. I even took a 2 hour nap cuddled up with my baby. We had a great holiday season and hope all of you did as well!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Must Be Christmas

We went to Temple Square a few weeks ago with Rob's family. It was chilly, but fun. We ended the night with some breakfast at 10:00 pm at IHOP. I am a sucker for a good ham steak, so the night was great!

We went to Rob's parent's house this weekend for a Christmas Visit since we will be at my Parent's for Christmas this year. They got Kaden this cute bouncy chair. He loves it.
We didn't have Kaden's tub while we were in Smithfield, so we had to try the sink. Kaden actually liked it. It was his own little recliner tub.
Here is our attempt at a family holiday picture in front of the fireplace.

Kaden tried Rice cereal for the first time this weekend. He ate it really well. I decided it was time to start solids because Kaden has been so interested in whatever Rob and I are eating. He grabs at our food all of the time. A few days ago I was eating and peanut butter and jelly sandwich and looked away for a few seconds, then Kaden grabbed the sandwich and stuck it in his mouth and started chomping on it. He had a death grip on it and I had a hard time getting it out of his hands. It was pretty funny.

Kaden has been waking up in the night with freezing cold hands. I put lots of blankets on him and his body feels warm, but his hands are always like ice. Problems solved...Kaden sleeps with mittens now!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Finally a new post!!!

We have had such a crazy past couple of weeks there has been no time for blogging. Rob finished fall semester on Friday and he is so happy to be done. He feels like all he has done is homework for the past month. He was so busy with home work that we had to miss a trip to St. George for Thanksgiving with his family. We ended up going to my parent's house instead, which was still fun, but not nearly as warm and sunny! Even though it was a stressful couple weeks, Rob is getting pretty excited because he only has 2 classes left until he gets his business degree from USU.

I celebrated my birthday on November 28. I turned 25. Rob is always good for beautiful flowers on special occasions.
We decorated our Chrismas Tree. Kaden loves looking at the tree. He just stares at the bright lights with big eyes.
Kaden is getting really good at holding toys. Before he would just drop them after 2 seconds, but now he can hold onto them and eat them for a long time.
Kaden rolled over for the first time on November 25, and since then he hasn't stopped rolling. He rolls from front to back, then back to front. He is an active little guy!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

It has already started. Kaden is officially on Rob's team. I thought that I would have been able to win him over, but after what I saw yesterday, I realize it is hopeless. Kaden is offically All Boy! Here he is with his pants unbuttoned watching football. When I saw this I had to take a picture!

Kaden has been learning lots of new tricks. Here he is holding his bottle, well sort of.

He loves playing with his toys. He can hit at them all day.

He loves to play with his Dad.

He fell asleep in the car with his hand on his toy. I thought it was so cute.

I am in love with babies with binkees in their mouths. It is soo cute.

Kaden loves playing with this baseball boy (not doll, baseball boy).

Monday, November 3, 2008

Happy Halloween...Beware, some pictures may be to spooky for some viewers!!!!

Happy Halloween!

We had a pretty quite night. We dressed Kaden up, took him grocery shopping at Macey's, and handed out candy to tricker treaters

We went to Logan a few weeks ago to visit Rob's parents. This picture is up Smithfield canyon.

We have a swingset to the side of our appartment. Kaden kinda tips over alot because he can't sit up on his own yet, but he still likes it.

Other news about us...

I have been back at work at the hospital for about a month now. It is good to be back helping patients, but it has been really hard to leave Kaden. Rob has been busy working, going to school, and tending Kaden while I'm at work. I love coming home and seeing my boys playing together. Rob does "exercises" with Kaden by having him lay down then he holds on to his hands and helps him do sit-ups. Kaden loves it.

For all my dietitian friends who read my blog... I want to work part-time in the next couple of months. I want to stay at the hospital I work at now, but if that doesn't work out I will need to find another job. Let me know if you know about any part-time openings anywhere. Thanks.

Monday, October 27, 2008

All Ready for Church

Kaden turned 3 months old today. He is getting so big. At his 2 month old appointment he weighed 15 lbs 2 oz, so he is definately not petite! He smiles so much now. All Rob or I have to do is talk to him and he shoots us an open mouthed grin from ear to ear. He has a play mat with toys above it that he loves to play with. He just kicks his legs 100 mph and smiles. He has discovered his fist the past week and has been sucking on it like crazy. We have been trying to give him a binkee whenever he starts sucking his hand to prevent a possible future thumb sucker. He has started to reach for things this past weekend. Before he would just look at toys, but now he reaches for them and grabs them. He also reaches up and trys to grab our faces and our arms which has made both Rob and I very aware of the need to trim his fingernails more oftern (ouch!). He is starting to use his voice more and lets out these cute little sighs and squeals. It seems like he is trying to talk to us so badly, but just can't find the words. We are starting to see how he responds to Rob and I differently. When he is with Rob he wants to play and squirm and kick his legs. When he is with me he is snuggly and likes to hug. The best new development Kaden has made is that he holds his head up strong all the time now. for the past month or two his head has been getting stronger, but every once in awhile it would fall forward or back, but now his head stays up strong. Yea for graduating from being a bobble head doll!!!!

Forty-Niner baby

Kaden's play mat

Rob and Kaden wresting.

Mom and Kaden's photo shoot in the living room.