Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Life since the move

Kaden has been quite the little helper during our moving - organizing process. We really appriciate all his hard work! If ever we are moving something heavy, never fear, Kaden boy is right at our feet grabbing hold of our ankles, anxious to help!
Here is out first project at our new house. We put garage protector paint (I am pretty sure that is the official name for it) down on the garage floor. Here I am sprinkling the decorative flakes.

Rob feels like he has his own "showroom." Now we just need some cars like the ones people have on MTV's Cribs.
Kaden loves his jungle toy. He dances to the music, climbes all over it, and crawls through it. It is pretty cute.

Yea for haircuts!
Kaden got another haircut from Sariah. He didn't mind at first, but by the end he definately hated it as I expected he would.
Here is the finished product. We went up American Fork Canyon with my family. We had some good tinfoil dinners and smores.

Kaden's First Smore

Here is Kaden giving a shout out to all his fam.

Kaden loves to swing, especially when he gets pushed high.

New Addition...Bowen Craig Bodily

Here are our cousins Baylee, Bowen, and Brielle. Bowen was born on May 28. We are so excited for Kaden to have a little boy cousin to play with.

His cousin Brielle loves to hold him. By the looks of this picture it seems like Kaden could hold her! He loves to play with his cousins. Here he is jumping on the tramp with Baylee. Two Binkys!!!
Kaden loves his binky. Actually, Rob and I love his binky. It is the only way we can prevent him from eating everything he encounters.

Here is Kaden's first experience touching grass. He was a little unsure about the texture. He kept giving me weird looks and scrunching up his face. After the photoshoot I picked him up and realized I had sat him down in an ant pile. I ripped off all of his clothes and he had ants up both legs. Yea for smart Moms who put their babies in ants!