Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Where Did You Get That????

On the way home from church two days ago, I pulled Kaden out of his carseat and he handed me a soggy peice of seasame seed bun. I was so confused where he got that. Then I see him chewing. I pry open his mouth and find peices of hamburger! I tried to scoop it out, but he fought me by turning his head left and right and swallowed before I could get it out. The most disgusting part of this story is that I can not remember the last time I fed Kaden a hamburger in the car. He must have pulled the old burger from down by the seat belts.

Today Rob vaccumed out the car and Kaden's seat. Hopefully no more mystery snacks!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Long Time No See

I haven't posted in forever because our computer has been sick a lot for the past month. We have had to take it to get viruses/spyware/etc removed twice, and I think we are due for another round. We keep having weird things download to the desktop that shouldn't be there. I think I will just have the repair shop erase everything and start with a fresh, clean computer.
Anyways..... we haven't been up to too much lately. We are getting excited to get to work on our yard once it gets a little warmer. Our tulips are starting to come up which is really exciting. Kaden is pretty excited too; I can tell by the way he stomps on them every chance he gets. We have been taking him to parks lately. It is fun that he is old enough to play, but it is a little scary too. He isn't afraid at all and thinks he is a little bit bigger than he is. He tries to go down the fireman poles and cross the monkey bars and doesn't even seem nervous. We have to steer him towards the slides because he can actually do that.
It is a rare occasion for Kaden to play with his toys, so I had to snap a picture of it. He would much rather empty every cupboard in the kitchen, play with Rob's tools, or run around with a cell phone or the remote instead of play with his toys.
Rob dressed Kaden in a Aggie shirt for the basketball game last week. Kaden decided to complete his outfit with a pair of snow boots. We have a little Napoleon Dynamite in the making :) Kaden was pretty sad that they lost. Too Bad USU.
Grandma Sharron bought Kaden some Seasame Street PJ's. They are for summer but Kaden insists on wearing them overtop of his winter PJ's and all of his clothes. I have to hide it if I don't want him to wear it.
This is Kaden's newest thing he has learned. He loves to rest his chin on his hands. He even does it when there is nowhere to rest his elbows. It looks pretty funny when he does that.
Well, all I can say is February went by fast, March is half way over, and Spring is well on its way. Yea!!!