Friday, January 22, 2010

Viva Las Vegas

We headed down to Las Vegas for our nephew Keegan's baby blessing. Here is Rob, his brothers, and his dad looking pretty sharp.

Our little family.

While in Vegas we hit the strip and did a little sight seeing. Here is Kaden with a little lion cub at the MGM Grand.

Here we are at the M & M gift shop.

We went to the Silverton and saw a bunch of animals (stuffed of course). Kaden growled at everything.

There was also a huge fish tank with fish bigger than Kaden.

Vegas was tons of fun! Thanks Bodily family for a fun time!

Here is a little bit of what Kaden boy has been up to.
I found him with my snow boots and work name badge on. He had my purse too, but lucky for him, he put it down before I could snap a picture and save it to ruin his life in 15 years.

Kaden has also been crawling into anything he can fit in.
A diaper box...

His Wagon...

And the kitchen cupboards...

Kaden also saves time in his busy schedule to bust a move whenever he can.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Christmas -- The Post-Game

Kaden loved playing in the snow. I wish it wasn't so cold or I would let him play out there all day. It's great! Everytime he falls, there is a pile of snow for him to land in!

It wasn't all fun and games. We made him do all the shoveling while he was out there.

Rob ended all the fun by white-washing Kaden then shoving snow down the back of his coat... Just Kidding!

Christmas -- Game Time

Rob and I spent Christmas morning at our house. It was just us so we got to sleep in! Kaden loved opening presents. He was pretty serious about it. He would get a concerned look on his face and work really hard to get the paper off of the presents. Since it was just us, we let him take his sweet time! Each present kept him entertained for 5-10 minutes. It was great!He would get so excited when he would finally get past the wrapping paper. He would yell out a high pitched scream, then run and show us what he got. It was great!

He immediately wanted to watch one of the videos he received. He danced all morning. It was so cute.

Kaden will sit in anything he can get his bum in to. First thing he did was dump out all the blocks and crawl in the box.
We enjoyed a breakfast of cinnamon pull-aparts for breakfast. Yummy.

For Christmas dinner we went to Rob's Brother Craig's house for dinner. Look at how fancy! It was sooo much fun.

My parents got him a wagon for Christmas. He absolutely loved it. We keep it in the living room for now, and Kaden watches cartoons in it every morning!
Merry Chritmas Everyone!!!!

Christmas --- The Pre-game Show

A few days before Christmas we went to Temple Square with Rob's family. It is so beautiful. I love going there at Christmas time!

Here is some live footage of Santa (cousin Bowen) and his little Elf packing Santa's bag for Christmas.

Here we have Kaden doing a little vacuum disco on Christmas Eve over at The Robinett's.