Monday, January 19, 2009

This and That

Kaden munching in a baby biscuit.

Kaden after tasting a maple bar. Yummy!!!

Best Friends Holding Hands

Catching up on a little reading

We just recently received a new calling in church as Sunbeam teacher. It is CRAZY. There is usually around 7-8 kids. However, for the past 3 weeks there have been a few new kids, while a few other kids are absent, so I dread the day that all the kids show up on the same day! It is quite the sight to see us in primary. They have benches that are miniature for the kids...but the teachers have to sit on them too because there isn't any other chairs. Rob looks like a frog with his knees in his chin. Rob takes one row of kids while I take the other. The kids are constantly climbing over the benches, putting their feet in the air, lying on the ground, or wandering aimlessly around the room. We try to keep them in their seats, but it is a struggle. It gets so bad that sometime we have to physically go and pick the kids up from under the table at the front of the primary room. Of course, as soon as we try to pick them up to take them back to the bench they throw their arms up in the air so that they slip out from your grasp. I hate when kids do that!!! On top of it all we are trying to take care of Kaden as well, and luckily he has blessed us with messy diapers during primary for the past 3 weeks! All I can say is by the time church is over I am exhausted!!!!

Also, Kaden turns 6 months on the 27th. I can't beleive how fast the time has gone. At this point he can roll across the room like a champ, eat from a spoon, put himself to sleep at night (well...most nights), and laughs like crazy.

Friday, January 2, 2009

New Background for a New Year

Rob wanted a turn to choose the blog background. I told him he could pick whatever he we ended up with footballs. We will keep the footballs until after the superbowl, but then it is my turn to choose the background.

We decided that we are officially old. We went to bed at ten on New Years and didn't feel bad about it. I guess it is ok because both of us had to get up early to get to work, so by ten, we were pretty tired. We had a great new years day because we got to sleep in (for all you new parents out there, that means 8:00, right?) and we actually had the day off work together. Rob and I seldom have the same days off from work, so it was great.