Sunday, December 6, 2009

Rockin Around the Christmas Tree

We decorated our Christmas tree last night. We have a small 4 foot tree that worked great for appartment living. We were going to get a real tree this year since we have a little more room, however, after seeing the way Kaden has treated Christmas trees at other people's houses this past week, we decided to put the 4 foot tree on a table so Kaden wouldn't tip the tree over every day.

We also went to a live nativity with Rob's family last week. It was fun. Kaden loved the real animals. He kept saying "Baaaa" at all the sheep.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Turkey Day and Birthday Fun

We headed up to Smithfield to celebrate Thanksgiving with Rob's family this year. We had dinner with lots of his extended family. We went to a middle school where his unlce works. Everyone brought food so there was a HUGE spread to feast from. It was great. Kaden loved spending time with his grandparents and cousins. He loved when they would chase him.Here is our new baby cousin Keagan. He is one month old and belongs to Rob's brother Ryan. Holding Keagan made me realize Kaden is definately a toddler now. No more baby :(Rob loves making gingerbread boys and couldn't wait for Kaden to have his first cookie. Rob's favorite stories to tell Kaden involve gingerbread boys escaping from the oven and causing trouble throughout the house. The stories always end with the gingerbread boys relaxing in a mug of milk. Rob is such a funny story teller!Here are 3 generations of Bodily boys. Kaden, grandpa Ed, and Rob.
Here is Kaden and his cousin Cara. There were a lot of little toddlers at Rob's parents house which made things a little crazy!
I celebrated my birthday! I had to work all day, but I came home to a cake Rob had made for me. Ryan and Christy and their kids stopped by on their way back to Las Vegas. We had a little party with cake and ice cream and they brought some Pizza. Thanks Guys!