Friday, May 30, 2008

Summer League Softball

Rob's been having some fun playing softball on Tuesday nights. He plays on a team with his brother in Orem. I feel like a "little league mom" in the stands. I yell out the typical phrases that must be called out at any softball game such as, " Wait for your pitch," "At least you got a peice of it," and by far my favorite, "Let them pitch to you." After each game Rob always jokingly asks where his orange slices, capri suns, and granola bars are. I told him that we can go to Chucky Cheese Pizza after his last game to celebrate a great season.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Memorial Day Weekend in Dixie

We headed down to St. George over Memorial day weekend for Rob's job. He had to work Sunday and Monday morning, but we managed to squeeze in some fun in the afternoon and evening. We started off the trip on Saturday with a visit to In-N-Out Burger which Rob loves because it reminds him of his home state of California.

We played a little baseball on Sunday afternoon with Rob's sister Annette and her family.

This is our nephew Boston.

Here is Rob pitching fast balls to our niece Delaney.

Here is Rob and McKenzie.

Here is me hitting a home run! (disregard what looks to be the ball on the ground next to home plate)

Here is Rob pitching to Cooper. Check out the batting stance on that 5 yr old.

While Rob worked on Monday I hung out at the hotel pool relaxing and enjoying the sun. Well, actually it was cloudy and a little rainy, but it was still warm. (I know everyone is disappointed there isn't a pic of me in my swimsuit at the pool. Trust me, I looked hot!!!)

Later we hit up our favorite little sandwich and shake spot, Charlies, for some good eats.

It was a short trip, but we had fun seeing the Vest's and Enjoying our old stomping grounds of St.George.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Breaking News...Well, not exactly

I am 29 weeks preganant this Tuesday. Wow, time is flying by. I feel the baby kick like crazy all day long. This morning he woke me up around 7:00am with the kicking, and the rolling, and more kicking. I was hoping to sleep in, but I guess that didn't happen.
Rob started school this past week. He has been studying hard and loving every minute of it... Ha Ha Ha, yea right. It is only an 8 week course so he is hoping it goes by fast and painless.
I guess today was my first Mothers day...I think. Being pregnant counts as a mother, right? Well, even if I am not quite a mother yet, I took the candy bar that they gave me during church and ate it during Gospel Doctrine :)
Other great news to report, I got a new bedspread. Eventful, I know. But all you ladies out there know how exciting new house stuff can be. I have made my bed faithfully every day since I got it, so I guess it is good motivation for me to be a better house cleaner. The best part about this purchase is that it was 75% off, plus and additional 30% off!!! I am officially inviting anyone in need of new bedding to hit up a Dillards near you. (Rob didn't want me to report on the new bedspread, but to me, that is the event of the week!)